JOIN US: CUNY BA AOC Strategy [Online Workshop]

CUNY BA Area of Concentration (AOC) Strategy Workshop (online): 

Meet with the Academic Director, Jody Clark-Vaisman, in this interactive workshop to learn about strategies for planning or refining your Concentration.
This group advisement work session is designed to: 

  • Help you understand the AOC process. 
  • Encourage you to map disciplines and topics related to your interests. 
  • Give you tips, tools, and time to brainstorm (in pairs or small groups.) 
  • Learn about integrating activities into your concentration to connect your courses and experiences, for example, research, independent study, internships, and study abroad.

WHO: CUNY BA Academic Director, Dr. Jody Vaisman

WHAT: CUNY BA AOC Strategy Workshop

DATE: Thursday, February 15

TIME: 12 PM – 1 PM

WHERE: Live on Zoom.

Register HERE.