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Apply to Present in the 2024 CUNY BA Student Showcase

CUNY BA Students, Sign Up to Present Your Work at CUNY BA’s Second Annual Student Showcase! The CUNY BA Student Showcase allows CUNY BA students to share their exciting work and build community. Participants gain valuable professionalization experience and benefit from coaching to…
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Alum Muhammad Deen Shares His CUNY BA Journey

Muhammad Deen is a 2023 graduate of the CUNY BA Program. In an alumni interview, Dean speaks about his journey to CUNY BA, how the program allowed him to maximize his intellectual curiosity and advocate for his education philosophy.

This interview was conducted and edited by CUNY BA students. Made possible by the CUNY BA Student Leadership Council (SLC).

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CUNY BA Celebrates 1000 Smith Fellows

The Smith Fellowship reached an amazing milestone of awarding 1000 CUNY BA students throughout the years. CUNY BA commemorated the number by hosting a dinner The Smith Academic Fellowship is funded through donations by Thomas Smith. The fellowship recognizes academic achievement and excellence and is merit-based. Subject to…