Congratulations, your special day is coming soon! Here’s the information you need for the 2020 Commencement Ceremony.


Eligibility for Graduation

CUNY BA students, if you are planning on attending the commencement ceremony on Monday, June 1, 2020, you have to be part of one of these (potential) graduating classes:

  • September 2019 graduate
  • January 2020 graduate
  • Potential June 2020 graduate (deadline to complete graduation audit has been extended until March 6th)
  • Potential September 2020 graduate
    If you fall into these categories you are eligible to participate in CUNY BA’s commencement ceremony. If you are unsure about whether or not you qualify for graduation, be sure to meet with your academic advisor ASAP and go over graduation requirements. Students must have completed a graduation audit in order to be eligible.

Dates to Remember:

Sign up to Participate!

All students wishing to participate in commencement must register, submit the required information and pay the $70.00 fee by May 10, 2020. If you are renting a black cap and gown for your home college’s ceremony, you may use the same attire for our event; in that case, your fee will be $55.00. Either way, you must register and pay in order to participate in the ceremony. If you do not submit your cap and gown order on time, we may not be able to order the required attire for you.

We will send an email in May with details about picking up the cap and gown, diplomas, etc. Details about the day will also be posted here.

Honors and Awards

One of the many things that make our commencement extraordinary is the opportunity we have to recognize each graduate; each will come to the stage to receive the letter of congratulations. In reading the names of the graduates, some of the honors and awards you have earned will be mentioned. In order to do so, we need to know what your honors are (from CUNY and beyond). We would also like to know who has been accepted to graduate school already and who has received raises, promotions or new employment opportunities as a result of earning this degree. Dr. Hartswick will use some specific examples in his Commencement remarks. Please complete this form by May 8th.

Participation at Home College

We know that many of you feel a strong bond to your home campus so we’re glad to remind you that you are eligible to participate in your home college commencement in addition to the CUNY BA ceremony. In March, our Registrar sends the names of graduates and potential graduates to the senior colleges. (Note: some colleges do not allow upcoming September graduates to walk in June; CUNY BA does.) If you have questions about your home college’s commencement please contact your home college directly. You will be responsible for identifying the office on campus that handles arrangements and signing yourself up.