Mission statement

The CUNY BA Graduate Fellows Program is designed to enhance the overall quality of undergraduate students’ experiences in CUNY BA through the development of student resources and strategic student-centered initiatives. The Fellows Program also supports CUNY BA’s staff, faculty mentors, and other members of the CUNY BA community in maintaining the best educational and community experience possible. The program provides Fellows with meaningful professional experience in program development and facilitation, outreach, and administration skills applicable to future roles inside and beyond academic institutions.


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2021-2022 Fellows (in alpha order by last name)
Andrew Anastasi, Michele Chinitz, Julia Fuller, Joseph Henry, Kyueun Kim (Coordinator)

2020-2021 Fellows (in alpha order by last name)
Andrew Anastasi, Priscilla Bustamante, Michele Chinitz, Teresa Curmi (Coordinator), Kyueun Kim

2019-2020 Fellows (in alpha order by last name)
Teresa Curmi (Coordinator), Manny Gonzalez, Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi, Joanna Smolenski

Founding Fellows (Spring 2019)
CUNY BA Graduate Fellows Coordinator: Chloe Rae Edmonson
Fellows (in alpha order by last name): Ashna Ali, Teresa Curmi, Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi, Joanna Smolenski