Become a CUNY BA Student Ambassador

Student Ambassador Program goals:

The CUNY BA Student Ambassadors’ program was created to accomplish four broad goals:

  1. To create a body of CUNY BA student representatives to assist the CUNY BA Student Leadership Council (SLC) in communications with prospective students and contribute to CUNY BA recruitment strategies.
  2. To increase literacy about the CUNY BA program among current and prospective students.
  3. To promote leadership and service opportunities for current CUNY BA students through their experience as a resource to prospective students.
  4. To facilitate avenues of communication centered on student perspectives and promote community building among current and prospective CUNY BA students.

How to become a Student Ambassador?

Student Ambassadors are a body of current CUNY BA students. Students who are interested in participating in the program must complete an online application form. Applications are circulated by the CUNY BA SLC and open at the beginning of each semester. The CUNY BA SLC is also in charge of reviewing these applications, as well as selecting new Student Ambassadors and notifying applicants of their decision.


  1. To be a matriculated CUNY BA student.
  2. To have completed at least one semester as a CUNY BA student.
  3. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Exceptions can be made if a CUNY BA academic advisor can vouch for the student.
  4. Committing to at least one semester as a Student Ambassador.
  5. Past community involvement and leadership experience are preferred but not required.

CUNY BA Student Ambassadors’ responsibilities:

  1. Attending a brief training session facilitated by the CUNY BA SLC.
  2. Attending in-person campus recruitment events–such as admissions fairs, to answer questions and interact with CUNY students who are interested in applying to the CUNY BA program.
  3. Develop positive and professional relationships with prospective students, be it remotely–primarily via email–or in person.
  4. Collaborate with the SLC, as well as CUNY BA staff and Doctoral Fellows, to participate and contribute to CUNY BA programming.

Student Ambassador Program benefits:

  • The Student Ambassadors’ program fulfills the service requirement of Smith Fellows.
  • Student Ambassadors automatically qualify to run for a leadership role (e-board) on the Student Leadership Council, as they are exempt from the general requirement of attending at least three SLC meetings to be eligible.
  • Being a part of the program provides verifiable leadership and professional experience to include in résumés, as well as graduate, internship, and job applications.
  • Meet and engage with fellow CUNY BA students and alumni, virtually and in person.
  • Become involved in the CUNY BA community in a more meaningful way.