There are no scholarship applications open at this time. Check back here in Summer 2021 for our next cycle.

CUNY Baccalaureate students apply for financial aid through their home colleges. In addition, subject to the availability of funding, the program is pleased to offer a number of scholarships and fellowships. These scholarships, funded by a variety of donors, are exclusively for students enrolled in the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies. Students who meet the basic eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply for these scholarships, as well as scholarships and awards available at their CUNY home colleges and through external organizations.

Newly admitted students who want to apply for any of these scholarships are encouraged to submit their Area of Concentration form(s) by the scholarship application deadline. Students with 90 or more credits must have a graduation audit before the scholarship application deadline.

Prior to submitting your application, we highly recommend that you review your CUNY BA transcript in the self service area of CUNYfirst to be sure it is up-to-date.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is handled for CUNY BA students at the home colleges. CUNY BA students follow the same procedures as other CUNY students when applying for and accepting financial aid. Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all terms, responsibilities and agreements…

The Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellowship

Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellowships are funded through a donation by Mr. Thomas W. Smith to recognize academic excellence. Subject to maintenance of good academic standing, awards are renewable until the recipient completes their degree contract credits.

Barbara Price Fellowship (For Newly Admitted Students)

We are pleased to offer the Barbara Price Fellowship to support newly admitted CUNY BA students with demonstrated financial need. This is a one-time fellowship of $2,500 for first semester students.

The Anne Duncan Somsen Memorial Fund (Scholarship for New Students Only)

In memory of her mother, CUNY Baccalaureate alumna Pennell Somsen (B.A., 2015) established The Anne Duncan Somsen Memorial Fund to offer financial assistance to students who are entering CUNY BA for the first time and who are the first in their families to pursue a college education.

The Memorial Scholarship for Students in Social Work, Human Services, Health or Education

This scholarship, made possible by Mary Beth and Richard Ketchum in memory of their parents, is for CUNY BA students studying, working in, or preparing for careers in health, human services, social welfare or education.

The Barbara Sproul Scholarship

In honor of Religious Studies Professor and CUNY BA faculty mentor Barbara Sproul, this scholarship has been established for CUNY BA students who are pursuing religious studies directly or an interdisciplinary field that includes religious studies.

The Dora and Seymour Rosen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, made possible by Professor Barry Rosen in memory of his parents who were graduates of CUNY BA, is for CUNY BA students whose area of interest focuses on business or Jewish studies.

The Dina Arjani Scholarship for Students Planning Careers in Teaching/Education

This scholarship, made possible by CUNY BA alumna Kayhan Irani and her family in memory of Ms. Irani’s grandmother, is for CUNY Baccalaureate students preparing for careers as teachers.

The S. Suthiana Impact Award

This award, made possible by CUNY BA alumnus and former Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellow Steven Suthiana (B.S., 2009; Psychology of Human Sexuality), is for a current CUNY BA student whose degree focuses on LGBTQ Studies or who is otherwise working to advance LGBTQ causes.

The Sheila and Helena O’Donoghue Award

This award is for a current CUNY BA female, international student, who is working toward social justice.

Additional Information for Applicants

Writing a strong, well-written application statement: Be sure to answer each question fully and to the best of your ability, cite specific examples in your answers to questions, and proof-read your writing several times. Enlist the help of a friend, colleague, professor, or Writing Center representative to assist you with editing. Typos can be avoided! Also, rather than type your answers directly into the form, type and proof-read them separately, then cut and paste them onto the form.

Letters of recommendation: A letter of recommendation should be written by a faculty member who knows you and your work well. The recommender must email the letter from their official CUNY email account to Please make sure to provide them with this information. It is the responsibility of you—the student and scholarship applicant—to coordinate with the recommender and ensure the letter reaches the inbox by the application deadline. CUNY BA will not reach out to your recommender to ask for your recommendation letter.

If you are applying for the Thomas W. Smith Fellowship, your recommendation letter should ideally be written by your CUNY BA faculty mentor. If you are new to the CUNY BA program and do not yet have a mentor, then your recommendation for the Thomas W. Smith Fellowship can be written by another faculty member. Please do not ask a CUNY BA staff member (advisors, directors, etc.) to write you a recommendation. We consider this a conflict of interest.

When asking for a letter, provide the faculty member with information about the scholarship(s) that you are applying for, information about your work and activities (to refresh their memories about your achievements), and meet with them to discuss your application. For more tips, please see these "8 Simple Steps for Requesting a Recommendation Letter," compiled by the University of Maryland.