There’s Still Time to Apply for Fall 2022!

There’s Still Time to Apply for the Fall 2022 Semester!

CUNY BA is still accepting applications to the program for the upcoming Fall 2022 semester. Completed applications will be accepted until Friday, August 19th. Applicants are strongly advised to apply as far in advance of the deadline as possible to ensure the timely processing of their applications. Design your major in CUNY!

You can learn more about the program and review the application.


Great news! We are accepting applications for the Summer/ Fall 2022 semester!  

You can still apply! You can find CUNY BA admissions criteria and the application on our website. You don’t have to attend an information session to apply.  

Please see some useful links you can use when applying to CUNY BA:  

(Reminder: The CUNY BA application is a different and separate application from the college application): 
(Fill out the PDF application, save it and email the file to 


Proposing Your Area of Concentration / AOC (major)  
This is the course of study you are creating (second page of the application). It’s a proposal/outline for your application. You can adjust it once you’re in the program:  

1. Pick a title for the AOC (think of it as the name of the major) you want to study.  

2. Pick courses that fit with the title. At least 8 courses. 

You can see some AOC samples and further directions here:

Searching for Courses for Your Area of Concentration (AOC) Proposal 

You can view all CUNY courses, college by college, department by department, at this link;  every course description is available: 

Search for CUNY classes:  CUNY Global Search Class Schedule  
Browse CUNY Catalog:  Browse Course Catalog   ​


1. Fill out the CUNY BA Application​ and save it as a PDF (If possible, save it as your “last name, first name app”). 

2. Save your personal statement as a PDF (or send it in the body of an email). Shouldn’t be longer than 500 words. 

3. Send those documents as attachments to  with your “Last name, First name – Application” as the email subject. 

After reviewing your application, if you’re considered for the program, you’ll be contacted by CUNY BA for an Admissions Appointment where your road map and future with CUNY BA will be discussed (credits, AOC, important details). We suggest submitting the application as soon as possible.  

  • ​​Remember to apply to a CUNY college (a different and separate application from CUNYBA) if you’re not already enrolled at one for the Summer/Fall 2022 semester.  This will be your home college.
    • You can do both at the same time as they are different applications and go to different places.