Admissions Criteria

CUNY BA Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria.

Credits and GPA: Have completed at least 12 college credits with at least a 2.80 GPA.
Candidates with overall GPAs below the minimum will be considered if they have recent academic work with grades of "B" or better. The GPA in completed courses related to the student's academic proposal will also be evaluated.

Area of Concentration (AOC): Propose a single or dual area(s) of concentration -- your unique or interdisciplinary field(s) of study.

Personal Statement: present a well-written personal statement articulating your personal, academic, and career goals as they relate to your proposal and overall application. It shouldn't be more than 500 words.

CUNY College: be or become matriculated (enrolled as a degree-seeking student) at a CUNY community or senior college. This will be your CUNY BA Home College.
You can apply to a CUNY college at the same time you're applying to CUNY BA (no fee to apply to CUNYBA); these are two different and separate applications.

CUNY BA Application Guide: Use this Application Guide to help with the CUNY BA Application.

Tests and Exemptions:

All applicants must meet CUNY's proficiency requirements in English (reading and writing) and math. Applicants who do not currently meet these proficiency requirements can request to have their application considered for a future semester while they work on meeting these requirements.

If you are already a CUNY student, you have likely satisfied this requirement. Some community college students or new applicants may need to satisfy it. If you have questions, ask us at

Letters of Recommendation: We no longer require letters of recommendation. However, if you believe that it is important or necessary (for example, if your GPA is close to the minimum 2.8), you can have your professor email us one from their “.edu” email to We will also accept letters of recommendation on official letterhead in a sealed envelope.

These are minimum criteria and do not guarantee admission. CUNY BA reserves the right to request additional documents that may assist the Admissions Committee in evaluating the application. An admissions appointment with an academic advisor is also required.