CUNY BA: Pipeline Program Info Session on Feb 20

Are you a current CUNY student from an underrepresented background interested in pursuing a PhD? Then this Info Session is for you!

The CUNY Pipeline Program awards stipends of $7,000 and provides thorough guidance to become a strong candidate and prepare the application for the Ph.D.

Please join us for the CUNY Pipeline Program Info Session on Tuesday, February 20th, from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM.

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WHO: CUNY BA Doctoral Fellows and CUNY Pipeline Program

WHAT: CUNY Pipeline Program Info Session

WHEN: February 20, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM 

WHERE: Zoom Registration Link

More details about the CUNY Pipeline Program:

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The Pipeline Program is a CUNY-wide initiative designed to provide educational and financial support to CUNY undergraduates from underrepresented groups in our nation’s universities interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in preparation for college-level teaching and advanced research. Our prerogative is to provide potential Ph.D. students with ample support (academic, financial, communal, etc.) to apply for doctoral programs. Students are awarded a $ 7,000 stipend, broken up into three (3) payments, and distributed throughout the duration of the program. 

The program is composed of different components, including (1) the summer institute, (2) monthly colloquiums, (3) a thesis/research project, and (4) a research conference. 

  1. The Summer Institute represents a large portion of the program, requiring in-person participation for six weeks. The program runs from the end of June until the end of August, a week before the fall semester begins. During the summer institute, pipeline fellows will be partaking in a few courses, including, but not limited to, critical thinking and writing, grad school 101, and application prep. Each course encompasses a different aspect of grad school and provides students with a comprehensive overview of doctoral programs across the country. Upon completing the summer institute, fellows are assigned a mentor to help assist with the individual components of graduate school applications. 
  2. Monthly Colloquiums are an integral part of the pipeline program as they serve as check-ins for fellows throughout the semester. Attendance is heavily encouraged (sometimes mandated), and we use this time to ensure fellows are on track with completing their application materials. Additionally, monthly colloquiums sometimes consist of professional and scholarship development workshops. 
  3. Students are encouraged to continue building on their research interests and are expected to form a thesis/ research project by the end of the program. This is meant to grow the students as researchers and provide them with an opportunity to build on their interests. 
  4. Finally, to conclude the pipeline program, we host a research conference (usually in May) where fellows briefly present their thesis/research project, and we celebrate any offers received and all their hard work in general. This is usually a celebratory event, and students are encouraged not to stress about presenting. 

Pipeline Fellows receive stipends during the course of the program totaling approximately $7,000.

  • Stipend for participating in the Summer Institute
  • Stipend for Graduate Record Exam (GRE) fee
  • Stipend to cover graduate school application fees.
  • Stipend for participation in the spring research conference
  • Stipend for completion of the thesis at the end of the program

Learn how to apply for the pipeline program here. The application portal is open, and you may begin working on your application materials.