Academic Advisement

CUNY Baccalaureate is committed to providing the individual advice and assistance students need at every step throughout their degree programs. Academic advisors are available to answer questions about course work, distribution requirements, mentors, and other matters related to their degrees not covered by the Registrar or the faculty mentor. Each student is assigned an advisor based on their last name. The advisors conduct admissions appointments, credit checks, and graduation audits.  Appointments for current students can be made by calling the main office.

Graduation Requirements

CUNY Baccalaureate students must complete a graduation audit with their Academic Advisor when they have earned between 90 and 100 credits and have an approved area of concentration form (or forms, if applicable) on file. They are not eligible to…

Area(s) of Concentration

Area(s) of Concentration Whereas general education requirements seek to give students a broad range of skills and information, the goals of in-depth study in an academic discipline through an area (or areas) of concentration include: developing knowledge of a particular…

Pathways General Education Requirements

Students who entered CUNY BA in Summer 2013 and beyond follow a CUNY-wide general education requirement called Pathways. It constitutes a subset of the overall liberal arts requirement, and it has two parts, as follows: The Required Core, Four Courses/12 Credits…

Liberal Arts and Science Requirements

Minimum LAS credits: 60 60-89 LAS credits for a Bachelor of Science degree 90+   LAS credits for a Bachelor of Arts degree LAS courses are those in which theory is the focus and in which broad foundations link the…

More Resources

4 + 1 Pipeline Program with CUNY School of Public Health

The pipeline permits eligible CUNY BA students (as defined below) to take graduate- level courses at SPH during their junior and senior years in CUNY BA, with such courses counting towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees, and secures their early admission to SPH’s master’s programs, to enable the completion of both the undergraduate and master’s degrees in five years rather than six.

4 + 1 Pipeline Program with Masters in Liberal Studies at CUNY Graduate Center

Students in good standing with at least one semester of coursework in CUNY BA, at least 60 credits completed (at least junior level), and a CUNY BA GPA of at least 3.0 may be permitted to earn up to 12 (twelve) credits within MALS during their undergraduate degree program in CUNY BA. These credits will be applicable to the CUNY BA degree and may be accepted towards a Master’s degree, for those CUNY BA graduates desiring to continue into the MALS program.

Graduation Audit

Students who have had their area of concentration forms approved and have completed between 90 and 100 credits must make an appointment to review their academic records before registering for the final semester in the program. During the audit, students…

Taking Graduate-Level Courses

Qualified students may take some graduate courses as part of their CUNY BA undergraduate program. Policies about admission of undergraduates into graduate courses vary from campus to campus and from discipline to discipline; students must comply with those policies. Interested…

Taking Business Courses at Baruch

The following policy is set by the Dean of the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College: The demand for many business courses frequently exceed the supply for these courses at the Zicklin School of Business every semester, as undergraduate…

CLEP Credits and other Credits-by-Exam

CUNY Baccalaureate allows students to earn a maximum of 30 non-classroom credits which includes credit-by-examination. There are a number of opportunities for students to receive credit by examination, including the New York University Language Proficiency Exam (offered in over 40…

Still Have Questions? Ask an Advisor.

Kate McPherson, Senior Academic Advisor

Rafal Szczurowski, Academic Advisor