Taking Graduate-Level Courses

Qualified students may take some graduate courses as part of their CUNY BA undergraduate program. Policies about admission of undergraduates into graduate courses vary from campus to campus and from discipline to discipline; students must comply with those policies. Interested students should speak to their CUNY BA academic advisor. 


In addition to campus requirements, to be eligible, students must have: 

  • a minimum GPA of 3.00 
  • no open grades (such as “INC”) and  
  • approved Area(s) of Concentration on file with CUNY BA.

Important notes to students taking graduate courses

  • Students who receive an incomplete grade in a graduate-level course must successfully complete the course in order to be eligible to graduate.
  • If taking courses at the Graduate Center, after you register, you need proof of registration to obtain a Graduate Center ID card so you can have access to the library and a computer account.