Graduation Requirements

CUNY Baccalaureate students must complete a graduation audit with their Academic Advisor when they have earned between 90 and 100 credits and have an approved area of concentration form (or forms, if applicable) on file. They are not eligible to graduate without a graduation audit. They should not file for graduation with their home college.

Credit Requirements

  • Minimum total credits: 120 (Some students will need more than 120 credits to meet AOC, LAS, and Pathways requirements)
  • Minimum Liberal Arts and Science: at least 60 LAS credits (minimum for BS) or 90 LAS credits (minimum for BA)
  • Minimum of 8 courses/24 credits of intermediate and advanced level coursework for single AOC, or 6 courses/18 credits for each of your dual AOCs. Individual requirements are based on approved AOC form(s)
  • Completion of Pathways requirements
  • Minimum of 30 residency credits (credits of coursework taken in CUNY, excluding life experience and credit by exam, while you were a CUNY BA student)

Credit Restrictions

  • Non-Classroom Credit: Max 30 cr. from credit by exam (including CLEP); military, FDNY, NYPD, EMS, NPONSI credits; and life experience credits [a maximum of 15 credits]
  • Community College Credit: Max 68 cr. from community college courses for students who entered Summer 2011 or later; max of 60 cr. for students who entered prior to Summer 2011.

GPA Requirements

  • Overall GPA is at least 2.50 (unless admitted provisionally)
  • GPA within CUNY BA is at least 2.50
  • AOC GPA(s) is (are) at least 2.50


  • Students cannot graduate with open grades (IP, PEN, INC, Z, etc.)
  • All grade changes must be made prior to completion of the degree

Any questions regarding these requirements can be directed to your academic advisor.