Houry Geudelekian (Women’s Studies and International Social Change, ’19)

Read what CUNY BA graduate Houry Geudelekian has to say about their time in the program.
In Their Own Words - CUNY BA Grads Speak Out

I was overwhelmed with three boys and a business with 30 employees at the same time I was going to school after being married for 15 years at a very young age. I actually never went to proper high school either because of civil war in Lebanon. I got my GED then went to Fordham for the first attempt.

I had to drop out because I was raising my children and I felt like I failed. And I felt like I needed a human rights degree to continue my work. I was so glad to meet Ilana, who works for us, and she told me about CUNY BA.

CUNY BA was wonderful for my second attempt because they were so accommodating. At the time I did not have a business and my children were older but I had already started working with global feminist movement building at United Nations in a volunteer position with a non profit, NGO Committee on the Status of Women which I am now the chair of.”

Houry Geudelekian (Women’s Studies and International Social Change), 2019 graduate of the CUNY BA program