First CUNY BA Newsletter

Check out the very first CUNY BA Newsletter. Learn more about how it started, and read the entire Newsletter.
CUNY BA Newsletter from May 15, 1978

CUNY BA published its first program-wide newsletter on May 15, 1978, a tradition that continues until today. This first newsletter points out the demand for such a useful information medium, and promises to regularly update the program’s community with timely news, deadlines and events: “Over the years a number of students and faculty have asked for a newsletter from our office. Well, this is it. We hope we can periodically bring you information about the operation of the Program, news of internship opportunities and items of particular interest to you.”

What kinds of internships were offered to CUNY BA students in 1978? Who was helping students in the program office? What tips did they have? Read all about it in this document.