50 Years of CUNY BA (2020s)

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In Their Own Words - CUNY BA Grads Speak Out

Felicie Drigo (Nutrition and Culinary Arts, ’22)

Read what CUNY BA student Felicie Drigo has to say about their time in the program.
In Their Own Words - CUNY BA Grads Speak Out

Kyle Aaron Reese (Queer Psychosocial Research, ’21)

Read what CUNY BA graduate Kyle Aaron Reese has to say about his time in the program.
CUN BA 2020-2021 Yearbook Cover

CUNY BA Yearbook, 2020-2021

Browse through the 2020-2021 CUNY BA Yearbook!
Cover image for the 2021 commencement ceremony

2021 CUNY BA Commencement Ceremony

Check out the entire 2021 CUNY BA commencement ceremony, which was recorded on Zoom.
guests looking at art pieces - whitney biennial

CUNY BA Event: 2022 Whitney Biennial Tour

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the CUNY BA program invited some CUNYBA students and alumni for a tour of the 2022 Whitney Biennial.