Felicie Drigo (Nutrition and Culinary Arts, ’22)

Read what CUNY BA student Felicie Drigo has to say about their time in the program.
In Their Own Words - CUNY BA Grads Speak Out

CUNY BA is really a great program. It gives the opportunity to do things you love. I was kind of nervous when I came to CUNY BA in 2017 because I thought maybe I won’t get through. But they were open to my application. And when I said that I began school 25 years ago and had to drop out because I had a difficult pregnancy and never got the opportunity to go back until then, and I was ecstatic when they said “we take all your credits even if they were done 25 years ago”!

Felicie Drigo (Nutrition and Culinary Arts), candidate for the 2022 degree from the CUNY BA program