How Do I Apply?

Want to design your own major in CUNY? Here is the application for CUNYBA and how to fill it out. Send the documents to

How do you apply to CUNY BA? It’s pretty simple!
Here’s what we need from you:

The Application Form, which includes your Area(s) of Concentration Proposal

The first page of the form is pretty standard: biographical data, contact information, and completed educational history (including ALL colleges attended and other credits earned through things like College Now, AP, Project Advance, etc.)

The second page of the application form is your Area of Concentration (AOC) Proposal (the major you’d like to study).

You can learn more about proposing your Area of Concentration and choosing courses for your AOC proposal for it here: Proposing Your Area

Link to CUNY BA Application: CUNY BA Application PDF

Download and fill out the CUNY BA PDF Application. Save the filled-out application and email it as an attachment to

*Reminder: The CUNYBA application is a different and separate application from the application for CUNY Colleges (



A brief one to two-page essay describing your academic and post-graduate goals and how you will achieve them through CUNY BA.
Should be no longer than 500 words. Save it as a PDF or put it in the body of an email and send it to


You do not need to send any CUNY transcripts, however, we do appreciate a student copy if you have access to one. If you have sent your non-CUNY transcripts to the University Application Processing Center (UAPC), we can access those in many (but not all) instances.

We will need you to submit official sealed college transcripts in the following instances: 1) If you submitted your non-CUNY transcripts directly to one of the CUNY colleges 2) If you applied to CUNY and submitted your non-CUNY transcript(s) to the UAPC while you had coursework in progress (even if you already submitted a finalized copy to one of the CUNY colleges).


Many of our applicants are current CUNY students; if that describes you, you don’t need to do anything else.
If you previously attended a CUNY school, you may file for readmission or file a CUNY transfer application if you’d like to be based at another school.
If you have never attended CUNY you can file a CUNY transfer application. Keep in mind that students with 68 or more credits must be matriculated at a senior college (as opposed to a community college).
You can apply for a CUNY College at (this is a different and separate application from the CUNY BA application)

Have passed or been exempted from the CUNY Assessment Tests or expect to meet proficiency by the first day of classes

*Reminder: The CUNYBA application is a different and separate application from the application for CUNY Colleges (

You can send completed applications and personal statements to