CUNY Baccalaureate’s Registrar’s Office receives and maintains all records for current students, including transcripts, status letters, leaves of absence, withdrawals, and diplomas. Students register for courses and pay their bill through their home college each semester – that includes payment for courses taken on ePermit. Separate from the Registrar’s Office, academic advisors are available to answer questions about course work, degree requirements, and faculty mentors.

Registrar Policies

Class Status

Class status is determined based on completed credits as recorded by the program:

Class Status Cumulative Credits
Lower Freshman 0-14.9
Upper Freshman 15-29.9
Lower Sophomore 30-44.9
Upper Sophomore 45-59.9
Lower Junior 60-74.9
Upper Junior 75-89.9
Lower Senior 90-104.9
Upper Senior 105-120

Dean’s List

Students who maintain a 3.5 average for 30 consecutive credits (with no open grades) while in the program are placed on the dean’s list. For each subsequent 12 consecutive credits earned with a 3.5 average, the student is placed on the CUNY Baccalaureate Dean’s List again. The Dean’s List recognition will appear on the transcript.

F Grade Policy

CUNY Baccalaureate follows the University policy on “F” grades: effective fall 1990, students may re-take up to 16 credits of “F”(or FIN, WU) earned in courses taken in CUNY after September 1984. The course (same number and title) must be repeated at the college where it was originally taken. The student must earn a “C” or better in the repeated course to have only the second grade count in the index, although both courses will continue to appear on the transcript. CUNY Baccalaureate is not a party to variations on the University policy approved for individual campuses. Also, while some colleges allow D grades to be repeated, CUNY BA does not.


The following quality points are based on 1 credit. To calculate your GPA, multiply the quality points corresponding to your grade by the number of credits for the course. Divide the total by the number of quality points possible for the number of credits you attempted.

  Grade Quality Points
  A+ 4.00
  A 4.00
  A- 3.70
  B+ 3.30
  B 3.00
  B- 2.70
  C+ 2.30
  C 2.00
  C- 1.70
  D+ 1.30
  D 1.00
  D- 0.70
  F, FIN, FAB 0.00
  WU 0.00


Open grades such as INC, NGR, PEN, Y, and Z are not computed in the GPA.

Prior to Fall 2009, WN was counted as F; as of Fall 2009 it does not affect GPA.


  Grade   Quality Points   Credits   Total Quality Points
  A- = 3.70 x 3 = 11.10
  B = 3.00 x 4 = 12.00
  C+ = 2.30 x 3 = 6.90
  F = 0.00 x 3 = 0.00
  Total       13   30.00
  In other words: 30 Quality Points ÷ 13 credits = 2.30 GPA


Graduation Honors

Academic Honors

Graduation honors are determined by calculating the grade point average (GPA) for all grades the student has received (CUNY and non CUNY, including those grades that were not transferable) and separately calculating the GPA of CUNY courses which appear on our transcript. The required GPA for graduation honors must be met in both cases. The lowest of the two GPAs determines the honors. (This is the same approach taken by most of the CUNY senior colleges.)

  Honor Required GPA
  Cum laude 3.20
  Magna cum laude 3.50
  Summa cum laude 3.80
  Overall GPA (CUNY & non-CUNY) CUNY BA Transcript GPA Honor
  3.20 3.90 Cum laude
  3.51 3.60 Magna cum laude
  3.81 3.91 Summa cum laude
  3.19 3.25 none
Dean’s Certificate for Academic Excellence

This award recognizes those graduates who do outstanding academic work while they are enrolled in the CUNY Baccalaureate (a 3.5 GPA or higher) but who are not eligible for graduation honors.

College Honors

Departmental honors are awarded directly by individual programs at the colleges. Information about departmental honors, college and national honor societies can be obtained at the home college. However, it will not apear on your CUNY Baccalaureate transcript.

Grade Changes

Please be aware that no grade changes will be made after a degree is conferred. It is the responsibility of the student to make the CUNY Baccalaureate Registrar aware of any grade changes prior to graduation.

Satisfactory Progress

Under the Board of Trustees’ policy, all CUNY students are required to make progress toward their degree. The Academic Director is responsible for certifying that CUNY BA students are in conformity with this policy. Students may be dropped from the program for:

• Poor academic performance;
• Excessive withdrawals or incomplete grades;
• Failure to make progress toward the degree;
• Persistent failure to observe program regulations, including failure to submit an Area of Concentration form on time.

Academic Probation

Students admitted to the program with overall GPAs of 2.80 or higher (that is, not admitted “provisionally”) whose cumulative grade point average overall or in the Area(s) of Concentration drops below the program’s minimum requirements (2.50) are placed on academic probation. Students on probation who are unable to improve their academic performance to at least a cumulative 2.50 during the following semester will be dismissed from CUNY BA.

Academic Dismissal

Students admitted to the program provisionally (with cumulative GPAs below 2.80) will be academically dismissed immediately following any term in which their semester GPAs fall below 2.50 or immediately following any term in which they receive any incomplete grades (unless the student experienced extenuating circumstances for which he/she received an incomplete grade and can provide supporting documentation).

Students admitted under the regular admissions policy who do not maintain the minimum cumulative grade point averages required by the program, or who consistently fail to observe other program or CUNY requirements or regulations, will be dismissed.


Any student who wishes to to be withdrawn from the program may put their request in writing to the CUNY BA Registrar, who will process the request, notifying the student and home campus in writing. Students who wish to continue pursuing a degree at their home college should submit a declaration of major form to their home college registrar’s office immediately upon withdrawal from CUNY BA.