Information for Student Veterans

CUNY BA is eager and proud to serve students who have served in the military. We find that the flexible nature of the program, including transfer evaluations of military credit, the awarding of life experience credits, and the individualized advising and mentoring relationships, makes CUNY BA a perfect fit for student veterans. Students enrolled in CUNY BA will remain eligible to receive the same VA Benefits that they would at any CUNY campus. This page is intended to serve as a resource for both students and administrators, providing guidance on how VA Benefits are to be processed for students in this program.

This memorandum is intended to provide instructions on processing VA Benefits for Veterans in the CUNY BA program.

  1. Any CUNY BA student who is eligible for VA benefits must apply for benefits through the GC
    • Students who receive VA Benefits who are enrolled in CUNY BA will be responsible for identifying themselves to Kate McPherson
    • The colleges should advise these students of this procedure
    • CUNY BA students already receiving VA Benefits will be required to change their place of training to The Graduate Center
    • Students will be required to submit a copy of their certificate of eligibility to CUNY BA
  2. CUNYBA Certifying Officer (Kate McPherson) sends a parent letter to the Certifying Officer at the campus where the courses are taken (the student’s ‘home college’ of record in CUNYBA).
  3. The campus certifies the student and indicates GUEST on the VA-ONCE certification form.