Commencement Awards

CUNY BA Commencement Ceremony - Thomas Smith Fellows


The following four awards will be presented at commencement this year. September 2018, January 2019, June 2019 and September 2019 graduates will be eligible only if in attendance at the June 3, 2019 ceremony.

CUNY Baccalaureate Alumni Fund Awards

Thanks to the generosity of CUNY BA alumni, we expect one $250-$500 award will be given to an academically outstanding graduate who is going on to a Masters or Ph.D. program at an accredited institution in Fall 2019.

The recipient of the Alumni Fund Award will be selected based upon consideration of: cumulative GPA and Area GPA(s); a personal statement of no more than two double-spaced, typed pages; and proof of acceptance to an accredited graduate school program. If you do not yet have proof of acceptance, you may apply, but proof will be needed by May 17, 2019. The personal statement should address the following:

  1.  How did your Area(s) of Concentration influence your choice of graduate study?
  2.  Discuss what your specific focus will be in your graduate program.
  3.  Where do you see your graduate studies leading you?

Include a cover page stating your name, Area of Concentration, the graduate school and program you will be attending, daytime phone, and email contact information. Applications can be emailed to Regina Matthews.

Professor Nan Bauer-Maglin Prize in Literary Studies

One $200 award will be made to a student who did exceptionally well in his/her Area of Concentration related to Literature/Literary Studies. This award is made possible by CUNY BA’s former Academic Director, Dr. Bauer-Maglin. Email Regina Matthews, to be considered. Include the title of your concentration(s) and a brief statement about your academic work.

Dan Daley Journalism Award

CUNY BA alumnus Dan Daley, journalist and author, has designated a $500 award to be given to a graduating student in journalism/communications. Email Regina Matthews to be considered. Include the title of your concentration(s) plus a brief statement about your academic work and career and/or graduate school plans.

Lesley F. Hughes Health Sciences Award

CUNY BA alumna Dr. Stacey Simons has made this $250 award possible for a student who has completed an area of concentration in the health sciences and will continue in the health sciences in either graduate school or a career. Email Regina Matthews to be considered. Include the title of your concentration(s) plus a brief statement about your academic work and immediate and long range career and/or graduate school plans.

All awards will be announced at commencement and are subject to confirmation of final grades. You may only apply for these awards if you have signed up and paid to attend commencement. The application deadline for all commencement awards: 5 pm, May 10, 2019. We expect awardees will be selected and notified 10 days after the deadline. You must participate in the commencement ceremony to receive the award. You may apply for more than one award if you are eligible. All awards listed are available subject to continued funding.