These awards are given at the annual June commencement ceremony:

CUNY Baccalaureate Alumni Fund Awards

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of the CUNY BA Alumni, one $250-$500 award will be given to an academically outstanding graduate who is going on to a graduate program (Masters or Ph.D.) at any accredited institutions in Fall 2018.

Dan Daley Journalism Award

CUNY BA alumnus Dan Daley, journalist and author, has designated a $500 award to be given to an upcoming graduate in journalism/communication.

Lesley F. Hughes Health Sciences Award

CUNY BA alumna Dr. Stacey Simons has designated a $250 award to be given to a graduating student who did exceptionally well in an Area of Concentration in the health sciences, and who will be continuing on to work and/or go to graduate school in health sciences.

Nan Bauer-Maglin Prize in Literary Studies

One award of $200 to a student who did exceptionally well in his/her Area of Concentration related to Literature/Literary Studies.

The Application Process

Information on how to apply for these scholarships is included in the February mailing to all students eligible to march in the ceremony.  It will also be available for download on the site. Students who sign up to attend commencement will be eligible to apply; attendance at the commencement ceremony to receive the award is required.  Award recipients will be announced in late May.  All awards listed here are available subject to continued funding on the part of the donors.