Peer Mentor Program

What is a Peer Mentor?

A peer mentor is a guide, coach, role model, advocate, and friend who is there to help you grow professionally and personally by sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences.

The CUNY BA Peer Mentor Program was established in 2019 to foster greater community involvement in CUNY BA and better prepare CUNY BA students for success, both in the program and beyond.

The Peer Mentor’s Role

Peer mentors supplement the guidance that students receive from their academic advisor and faculty mentor, and help their mentees successfully navigate the program. Mentor responsibilities can include, but are not limited to, helping mentees:
- Establish and maintain a productive relationship with a faculty mentor.
- Design or refine their academic plans for specific Area(s) of Concentration.
- Anticipate and navigate administrative issues, such as course registration.
- Find and participate in relevant professional and personal development opportunities.
- Succeed in their classes and enhance academic growth.
- Gain a strong source of personal and social support throughout the semester.

The Peer Mentee’s Role

Mentorship is a two-way street, and mentees invest in the relationship just as much as mentors. As such, mentees are called to:
- Be open and communicative with mentors about specific needs, goals, and challenges.
- Reach out to mentors with questions or concerns that arise throughout the semester.
- Make the most out of the partnership by respecting mentors’ time and energy.

Benefits of Program Participation

Students who participate in the peer mentor program benefit from:
- Ongoing professional and leadership development opportunities
- Enhanced communication, interpersonal, and management skills
- Networking opportunities with other CUNY BA students and staff

Peer mentors also benefit from:
- An exciting program opportunity to add to a CV or resume
- Potential volunteer hours to fulfill outstanding service requirements (dependent on specific service program criteria)

Interested in Applying? Questions?

Peer mentors and mentees are assigned at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester for one-semester terms. To apply to be a mentor for the Spring 2021 semester, please apply here by January 8, 2021.

The CUNY BA Peer Mentor Program is overseen by the CUNY BA Fellows. If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Fellows at In the time of Covid-19, we recognize the increasing academic hurdles as well as personal isolation that CUNY BA students may be experiencing, and encourage participation in this program as a fun way to build community and gain extra support!

“I believe CUNY BA is an incredibly dynamic program that can help students pursue their individualized career and academic interests. However, at the same time, students may still struggle navigating the administrative bureaucracy and academic procedures while in the program… I want to help CUNY BA students feel confident about their academic plans and provide any kind of guidance, advice or mentorship to CUNY BA students who may be pursuing similar academic interests.” ~Wali Ullah, Peer Mentor, 2020

Photo of Miranda

“Joining CUNY BA is one of the best decisions I have ever made… I have learned that self-advocacy is essential, especially in such a big program like CUNY. I would love to help new CUNY BA students learn how to navigate some of the academic and bureaucratic hurdles that may appear along the way, as well as encourage them to make the best of CUNY BA.” ~Miranda-Sofia Ranghelli-Duran, Peer Mentor, 2020

Malika Pegues

"I appreciate my peer mentor so much. He is phenomenal and he deserves so much recognition for how invested he is in truly helping and supporting his peers. He goes above and beyond." ~Malika Pegues, Peer Mentee 2020