Inaugural Student Showcase


On Friday, May 15th, CUNY BA assembled via Zoom – alongside close to 70 audience members – for the first-ever CUNY BA Student Showcase. Inspired by the Dissertation Showcase at the Graduate Center, 4 CUNY BA students representing 5 CUNY schools presented their independent research in brief, 5-minute presentations. Beyond sharing their work to the broader CUNY BA community, this event was geared toward cultivating presentation skills that will prove to be invaluable in a rapidly-shifting, increasingly-digital workforce. CUNY BA is so proud to have shared the work of Lauren Cassidy (Live Entertainment and Media, Queens College, ’20), Corey Plate (Biological and Physical Approaches to Psychology, College of Staten Island, ’21), Talisa Velazquez (Latin American Art and Engagement / Performance, Hunter College, ’20), and Derek Basler (Middle Eastern Studies / Politics, Media, and Culture, City College, ’20) – spanning diverse topics from African naked mole rats to remote Albanian villagers. If you were unable to join us, please enjoy the presentations here: