Inaugural Student Showcase

On Friday, May 15th, CUNY BA assembled via Zoom – alongside close to 70 audience members – for the first-ever CUNY BA Student Showcase. Inspired by the Dissertation Showcase at the Graduate Center, 4 CUNY BA students representing 5 CUNY schools presented their independent research in brief, 5-minute presentations. Beyond sharing their work to the broader CUNY BA community, this event was geared toward cultivating presentation skills that will prove to be invaluable in a rapidly-shifting, increasingly-digital workforce.

CUNY BA is so proud to have shared the work of:

  • Lauren Cassidy (Live Entertainment and Media, Queens College, ’20), 
  • Corey Plate (Biological and Physical Approaches to Psychology, College of Staten Island, ’21), 
  • Talisa Velazquez (Latin American Art and Engagement / Performance, Hunter College, ’20), and 
  • Derek Basler (Middle Eastern Studies / Politics, Media, and Culture, City College, ’20)

Spanning diverse topics from African naked mole rats to remote Albanian villagers. If you were unable to join us, please enjoy the presentations here:

CUNY BA Student Showcase 2020