Commencement 2021 FAQ

When is this year's commencement?

Where is this year's commencement?

Who is eligible to participate?
September 2018 graduates, January 2019 graduates, potential June 2019 graduates and potential September 2019 graduates.

How much does it cost?
$70.00. This covers the cost of your cap, gown, stole, tassel, program book, and other fees. You get to keep the cap, gown, stole and tassel. If you are renting a black cap/gown from your home college, you can use that attire and in that case, the cost is $55.00 (you will receive a CUNY BA tassel and stole). Make sure you register and pay here.

How do I sign up? What is the deadline?
Students eligible to participate (based on their graduation audit) will register here. The deadline is May 12, 2019. Full refunds are possible up 30 days prior to June 4th.

What if I miss the deadline?
Because we order the caps and gowns from a company in Virginia and do not maintain a stock of them, we urge you to register by the May 12th deadline as we cannot accommodate requests to participate after that.

Is there an invitation that I can send my guests?
Yes! Just copy this image and share it over email or social media.

Is there a reception after the ceremony?
Not this year.

How many guests can I bring?  What about tickets?
You can invite everyone!

How long will the ceremony be?
Usually about 90 minutes long (ending around 12:00pm).

Will my faculty mentor be invited?
We will not send invitations to Faculty Mentors, however, you are welcome to extend an invitation to attend.

When and where will I get my cap and gown?
Caps and gowns will be distributed from the CUNY BA office around late May. In mid-May, students will receive detailed instructions by email about cap and gown pick up. Make sure you place your order here by the May 12th deadline.

What's the difference between graduating and commencement?
Commencement is a ceremony. For CUNY BA, it takes place once a year, in June, to which the prior September and January and upcoming June and September graduates are invited.

  • Graduation indicates the completion of all degree requirements and the conferral of your degree as follows:
  • Students who complete their degree requirements in the fall semester become January graduates;
  • Students who complete their degree requirements in the spring semester become June graduates;
  • Students who complete their degree requirements in the summer semester become September graduates.

Will I receive my diploma at the ceremony?
No. Diplomas take several months to produce. Students will be contacted by mail about picking up their diploma (at the program office).

Do we have class rings?
Yes. Contact the Balfour Company 1- 877-BALFOUR (225-3687). CUNY BA’s account is BK06334-10