CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies (CUNY BA) offers students the opportunity to create interdisciplinary or otherwise unique areas of concentration, leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from The City University of New York. Students may complete courses in different academic departments and at a combination of the University’s undergraduate colleges, including The Graduate Center. Each student works with a faculty mentor of his or her own choosing to design an individualized course of study. The area of concentration title and the courses selected by the student and mentor form that student’s individualized learning plan. No senior thesis or capstone project is require, although many students include these in their concentrations. Students often also take advantage of study abroad, independent research, and internships, and receive guidance to attain further academic and fellowship opportunities.

How Faculty Can Identify Potential CUNY BA Students

Does the student:

• have clearly defined, viable academic and professional goals?

• demonstrate motivation, knowledge, and passion beyond the typical student?

• take advantage of academic opportunities via honors and/or writing intensive courses, academic clubs, professional memberships, reading beyond the syllabus, etc.?

• demonstrate an interest in a specializing in a specific aspect of a field of study and/or in learning across disciplines?

• readily meet or exceed expectations and deadlines?

• participate actively in class, ask questions, see you during your office hours?

• work well with others, perhaps even taking a leadership role in your class?

• work well independently, solve problems, deal maturely with obstacles or ambiguity?

• have at least an overall 2.8 GPA? (The average GPA of recently admitted students was 3.33).

Finally, would the student benefit from completing an individualized, University-wide degree?