Dominican Studies at CUNY

Dominican Flag Being held by two hands on NYC street


The largest concentration of Dominicans in the United States may well live in New York’s Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods, so it is not surprising that among the largest population of Dominican students in the country is in the City University of New York.

As a result, in 1992 the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute, an interdisciplinary research unit of the City University of New York devoted to the study of Dominicans in the United States and other parts of the world, including the Dominican Republic, was founded.

There are a wide variety of courses offered in the CUNY system that relate specifically to the Dominican Republic, its inhabitants, and those from this island nation who are dispersed throughout the world. Through the unique structure and flexibility of the CUNY BA program, students can leverage all of CUNY’s courses to create an interdisciplinary degree in Dominican Studies.

Through CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies students, working with faculty mentors, develop individualized and interdisciplinary areas of concentration, which may include Dominican Studies with focus on a variety of issues such as, Race, Identity, Migration, Politics, Ethnicity, the Environmental, Literature, Economics, and Visual and Performing Arts, among others. Here are some of the exciting courses in this field being offered around the University:

Baruch College: Dominican Heritage
Borough of Manhattan Community College: Economic Development of Dominican Republic, History Of Dominican Republic
City College of New York: Deconstructing Dominican Identity, Dominican Heritage, Dominican Literature & Culture, Dominican Short Stories, Dominican Society, Special Topics in Puerto Rican & Dominican Studies
Hunter College: Contemporary Dominican Writers, Dominican & Haitian Society, Dominican Identity, Dominican Literature, Dominican Migration, Dominican Thinkers
John Jay College: Dominican Society
Lehman College: Contemporary Dominican Politics & Society, Haitian-Dominican Border, History of Dominican Republic, Literature of Dominican Republic
School of Professional Studies: History of the Dominican Republic
York College: Dominican Literature

Here are some sample areas of concentration that we’ve developed:

Dominican History and Society (Single AOC)

Baruch College Dominican Heritage
City College of New York Deconstructing Dominican Identity
  Special Topics in Puerto Rican & Dominican Studies
Hunter College Dominican Migration
  Dominican & Haitian Society
John Jay College Dominican Society
Lehman College Contemporary Dominican Politics & Society

Dominican Literature (one of two dual AOCs)

City College of New York Dominican Short Stories
  Dominican Identity
Hunter College Contemporary Dominican Writers
  Dominican Thinkers
  Dominican Literature
Baruch College Dominican Heritage

Hispaniolan Studies (Single AOC)

Baruch College People Culture Haiti
Brooklyn College Haitian Heritage
Hunter College Dominican Literature
School of Professional Studies History Dominican Republic
Lehman College Religion In Hispaniola
City College Dominican Heritage
Lehman College Social History of Hispaniola
Baruch College Political Economy of Hispaniola

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