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Main Office

By admin | January 5, 2011

(For general information and questions)

Photo of Maria Litvan

Maria Litvan, Doctoral Fellow

By admin | August 23, 2023

Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi

Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi

By admin | December 27, 2019

Portrait photo of Michele Chinitz

Michele Chinitz, Senior Doctoral Fellow

By kmcpherson | August 29, 2021

Portrait of Minahil Imtiaz

Minahil Imtiaz, College Assistant

By admin | November 7, 2022

Nikko A. Vaughn

Nikko Vaughn, Continuing Education Specialist

By admin | January 5, 2020

Peter Altman's profile picture

Peter Altman, Coordinator of Admissions & Recruitment

By admin | March 11, 2013
Portrait phot of Rafal Szczurowski in his office.

Rafal Szczurowski, Academic Advisor

By admin | March 11, 2013
Regina Matthews

Regina Matthews, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs, Scholarships, and Special Events

By admin | January 5, 2020


Image of a file folder

Registrar’s Office

By admin | January 5, 2020

(For information and requests)