Graduate Study

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Graduate School Application Codes:

CUNY Baccalaureate has its own code number for the GRE — 2479.  The program’s CEEB code for graduate school applications is 004765.  For the LSAT, the program is listed under the CUNY Graduate School and University Center and the code number is 2113.  For the MCAT, the program is listed as the CUNY Baccalaureate Program.

General Graduate School Advising

Students planning to continue their education at thegraduate level should check catalogs of graduate schools for admission and course prerequisites for the program(s) that interest them, so they can take any courses required by graduate schools while still in the program. They are also urged to discuss future plans with their faculty mentor(s) andwith departmental advisers in their fields of interest. Although the CUNY Baccalaureate does not offer specific graduate school advising, we’ve compiled these general guidelines.

Time Line (beginning the year before your spring graduation)


  • Seek out faculty; you can do this right away if you like
  • Study for GRE: buy books or take a course
  • Join relevant disciplinary clubs, reading/research groups like English, Psychology, Debate, International Studies Club
  • Plan to apply for summer research internships and summer study abroad programs


  • Schedule GRE
  • Go to Fellowship or Career Services at the campus; investigate private foundations and state and federal grant/fellowship opportunities


  • Begin investigating schools
  • Visit schools (if possible)
  • Web search
  • Ask individual programs to send you faculty roster and course offerings.


  • Request applications (phone or mail); ask specifically about financial aid.
  • Request letters of recommendation (copy to career services); three are ideal.
  • Begin drafting statement of purpose.
  • Work on writing sample/research project.
  • Find out how long Registrar needs to process transcript requests.
  • Find out how long GRE scores need to be requested in advance.


  • Send out Applications
  • Request transcripts from Registrar (earlier if necessary).
  • Request GRE score sent to colleges (earlier if necessary)
  • CUNY Baccalaureate’s CEEB code is 2479; some schools may ask you for this code.

Faculty Help

  • Develop a rapport with faculty you trust
  • Offer to work with them voluntarily, or if possible, as a paid research assistant
  • Explain what you’d like to study
  • Ask them what schools they recommend
  • Develop a writing sample/research project in consultation with them

Choose Graduate Programs Carefully

  • Consider what types of jobs their degree would suit you for, project income
  • Consider how important location of the school is to you: are you willing to leave NY?
  • Ivy reputation vs. a program that suits your interests
  • Specializations: look at faculty rosters
  • Web search course offerings
  • Campus visits: talk to students, talk to administrators


  • The higher your grade average, the more likely you will be to get admission and financial aid
  • GPA’s are often computed by discipline; a strong showing in your Area of Concentration will offset weak grades in other areas


  • Two types of free money: funding from the school; funding from the government or private foundations
  • Search for outside funding sources at your campus fellowship office or at library
  • School funding may come in several forms: Teaching Assistantships (TA), Research Assistantships (RA), Grants, Tuition Waivers, Minority Fellowships
  • Most schools have early financial aid deadlines; count on applying between December 1 and January 1; look carefully for applications deadlines
  • Loans: Stafford, SLS


  • Subject and general test: you can drastically improve your scores by studying
  • Raw score vs. percentile
  • Computer option
  • Preparation: buy books, take test twice, take prep course, workshops


  • Send your professors a cover letter, reminding them what you’ve done
  • Include samples of your work for your recommenders’ reference
  • Have copies sent to your college’s Placement Office for later use


  • Download or ask for them by October 14 (by phone or mail)
  • Be sure to request financial aid applications
  • Write a statement of purpose, not an autobiography
  • If it is possible, customize applications to specific schools: “I am particularly interested in…and studying at…because it offers…”
  • You may need to explain curious phenomena in your academic record: “Because I work full-time, it took me several years longer to get my B.A. The extra time has enabled me to focus better on X”
  • Plan to have the application ready for mail by December 1; look closely at individual deadlines
  • Early applications have a better shot at financial aid
  • Transcripts are sent out by the Registrar; you need to make sure you request them in time to make the deadlines
  • You also need to find out how long the office of the Graduate Record Examinations Educational Testing Service takes in Princeton to send out GRE requests.